The Folklore Association of Vlahs (Armani) in Veria
The Folklore Association of Vlahs (Armani) in Veria was founded in 1981 and it consists of members that live in Veria and Vlahohoria of Vermion seli, Xerolivado, Doliani (Koumaria).

The aims of Association are the recording of the customs and traditions of Vlahs (Armani), of their historical traditions and folklore elements and also the preservation of the wallachian language.

Various sections in the Association: Some of them are that of costumers, dance song, folklore material recording of the historical material, old photography. There is simultaneously a scientific committee and a library with an extensive bibliography related to Vlahs (Armani).

The Association' s founding member of the Panhellenic Cultural Union of Wallachian Association has done some interesting appearances in many towns of Greece, almost in all wallachian villages and even abroad (Bulgaria, Italy, France, Switzerland, England, Romania). The Association has also perfectly cooperated with the local and prefectural authorities, cultural associations of Imathia prefecture and it has organized six (6) Panhellenic meetings of Vlahs (Armani) in Veria and Seli.

Within the recording of the wallachian cultural creating the Association has previously run a double album of records, cassettes and CD' s with wallahian songs. It has also cooperated with the writing of books, the publication of books and shot two films of a small size in collaboration with directors. The annual diary forms historic evidence of the aspects of wallahian life.

The Association has recently bought a scheduled building which after its restoration with the municipality of Veria, will not only solve its housing needs but it will also operate as a museum where priceless samples of the huge wallachian cultural civilization will be displayed.

The building of the Association

Church of Christ
Veria (1985)

Avdela (Pindos 1998)

Seli (1996)