Armani night in Seli
For another year, on Virgin Mary’s celebrations Eve, the Armani night has taken place, as it has been for years now, at the public square of SELI , a village set on Mt Vermio at 1400 m altitude. Both natives and thousands of visitors enjoyed the melodic voice of Giorgos Manekas, who gave a unique performance of Armani songs accompanied by Fotis Karaviotis Band. The crowd had a splendid evening and danced till dawn. The Armani night is a well-established event and everybody knows that "at the15th of August eve whoever wants to take part in an Armani feast and enjoy himself .he has to go to Seli".

Festivities in Thermi - Thessaloniki
The Armani Club of Veria at Thermi-Thessaloniki made an impressive appearance at the local meeting of Armani People, held by the Armani Cultural Club of Thermi-Triadio. There the so called “Big Dance” was presented and also farming life scenes  (skaro) , dances and songs too. Everybody present enjoyed a true Armani night. Thermi Armani Club, Serres Armani Club and Pieria - Karitsa Club have also participated.

Festivities in Milovista
Our Club participated the festivities in Milovista, an old Armani village at Mt Peristeri in the area of Monastiri ( Bitola ). Our Club presented a chorus of Armani songs, also songs performed by Giorgos Manekas and Stergios Dardakoulis and a big dancing group accompanied by Fotis Karaviotis and Dimitris Parashos Band.

Photo exhibition in Xerolivado
The photo exhibition that was arranged by the Club (19-25th July) in Xerolivado village (another Armani village set on Mt Vermio) celebrating Profit Helias Day was a big success. At the appropriately decorated hall of the Tourist Club of Xerolivado, more than 200 old photos were exhibited, mainly from Veria and the Armani villages of Mt Vermio. Local people and many visitors visited the photo exhibition. Everybody had only flattering words to say for the exhibition and many of them kindly offered some photos of their own to enrich the Club’s photo archive.

19th Meeting of Armani in Preveza
The Armani Club of Veria made an impressive appearance during the 19th Meeting of Armani in Preveza (14- 16th June 2002 ). On Friday 14th our Club presented a 12 member chorus that performed Armani songs, taken by the rich Armani tradition, in a unique authentic way. On Saturday and Sunday our dancing group, consisted of all ages, presented Armani dances and songs performed by Giorgos Manekas. During the festivities photos from the Club’s archive were exhibited on stands.

Openings of the Club’ s new Building
The openings of the Club’ s new Building took place on a glamorous feast on Wednesday 24th of April 2002.

Thousands of citizens of Veria participated, Armani and friends of the Club, the political leadership, representatives of every authority and Club in town and representatives of many Armani Clubs all over Greece . Very impressive was the parade with men on horses in front, followed by a band playing music, women carrying gifts and young people all dressed up in authentic Armani suits marching the central avenues of Veria under a "rain" of flowers.


The president of the Club Takis Galaitsis with a brief speech saluted the crowed and thanked all those who contributed in the purchase of the building, especially the Municipality of Veria for the implementation of the building’s restoration. He pointed out that although it is the Club’s property it also "belongs" to all the people of Veria as it suits to a monument like this building. The Club’s goal is this building to become a Center of Rescue of the Armani Language.

The president of the municipal enterprise "Ifestos" Takis Petkos said a few things about the restoration works of the building and the main speaker Mayor of Veria Giannis Hasiotis referred mainly to the cultural potentials that will arise in the city after the restoration of many other old buildings.

After the opening ceremony dancing groups presented Armani dances in "Orologiou" square, an historic square of Veria , which eventually turned to a public feast till midnight dancing on songs performed by Giorgos Manekas and Stergios Dardakoulis.

Easter Celebration (women’ s committee)
Highlights of the accustomed tradition of "egg crashing" organized by the women’s committee of the Club on Wednesday 15th of May 2002 presented at the hall of the Club’s new building. The display was attended by a huge crowd of women and was crowned by success. All women expressed their will to help in any way the activities of the Club.

The Armani Clubs of Imathia and Pella regions decided common actions and meetings
At the initiative of the Cultural Armani Club and its Friends from Ano Grammatiko, a meeting of Armani Clubs from Pella and Imathia regions took place on Saturday 23rd of March 2002. The purpose of this meeting was to contact and acquaintance with each other and to seek possibilities of collaboration among the Clubs of the region.

During the meeting, the discussions made were mainly about the Armani language. All parts were greatly concerned about for the preservation of the Armani language and everybody expressed his strong will to fight for its rescue.

At the end of the meeting the following were decided:

  1. The collaboration of the Clubs in all levels

  2. To organize and establish annual meetings (festivities) in a different place of the region each year.

  3. Taking actions to promote the Armani culture and language.

  4. To use Regional, National and European programs and actions to achieve the above goals.

  5. To form an informal coordinative team, with the participation of one member from each Club, to promote the goals previously mentioned.

The Cultural Armani Club and its Friends from Ano Grammatiko, Veria Armani Club, Naoussa Armani Club, Kria Vrisi "Pyrros" Hypirotic Club and Traditional Armani Club of Klivia – Skydra, agreed all mentioned above.

The Ladies Ball
The annual Ladies Ball organized by the women committee of Veria Armani Club on Wednesday 6th  of M arch at “Elia Hall” was a great success. The ball was done under the occasion of “Woman Day”(8th March). After a brief speech by Mrs. Elvira Fourkioti who’s in charge of the women committee the dance begun. Giorgos Manekas accompanied by Fotis Karaviotis’ Band performed the songs. Everything was excellent: the hall, the menu and the service were perfect. All women were expressed with flattering words for the well-organized ball and promised to help the Club whenever needed. They also expressed their worries about Armani language, which is vanished day by day.

The 2002 Calendar of Veria Armani Club
The 2002 Calendar of Veria Armani Club was released with subject:” Less spoken languages” in the European Union. The texts based on E.U. documents and valid publications, present the linguistic variety worldwide and especially in the European countries and the legal status quo for the protection of the languages. Along with the script there are old photos from the first half of the 20th century, showing the Armani daily routine mainly from Veria, and a linguistic map with the less spoken languages recognized and protected by the E.U, among them the Armani language too.